Result of our campaign "Mit dem Rad zur eso" 2020 & 2021

Since most colleagues worked from home in 2020 and 2021 and therefore no longer had to travel to the office, we decided to combine the two years for our "Mit dem Rad zur eso" campaign. In total, our employees cycled 65,987 km in the two years, which means a saving of about 9.5 t CO2 compared to the use of cars! By the way, you could fill about 1.9 million standard balloons with the amount of gas 😉

For every kg of CO2 saved, we donate 10 euro cents. This corresponds to a total sum of 951.09 €. We have decided to round up the sum to € 2,000.00!

After a vote among the participants, it was decided that the donation will go to BUND Naturschutz for the campaign "Moore in Bayern" ( We are very pleased about the sporting commitment of our employees. The cycling year 2022 is already in full swing!

Published on 31.05.2022