More a vocation than a job.

To drive our ideas forward, we are looking for employees with a strong affinity for vehicles. People who think and act dynamically and have a strong determination to see exciting infotainment projects through to their intended goal. Enrich our team and look forward to cooperating with colleagues in an environment characterised by mutual respect and appreciatio. Tackle challenging tasks directly and – in doing so – continuously broaden your horizons. Rapid processes are guaranteed by flat hierarchies and an open culture of communication.

Good to know: Even outside office hours our employees are on very good terms with each other. Joint projects and activities like summer and Christmas parties, skiing trips, our BeerReview, our regular after-work table and many other team events are a testimony to that. Do you like the way we think and work? Whether you are a professional or a qualified graduate – if you can impress us with your personal and professional skills, we look forward to welcoming you on board.

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possibilities of further education company pension scheme, capital-forming benefits favourable conditions for employees when leasing an Audi free parking garage for employeescanteen, free fresh fruit and drink Team events/staff events flextime ergonomically optimized workplaces open & straightforward manner and flat hierarchies international team

Success stories: Reports from our employees

Who is better able to give you a realistic insight into their usual day-to-day life at than those who experience it firsthand? Make the most of the opportunity to look over the shoulders of seasoned employees. Colleagues from different business units write about their particular working experiences.

"Hi everybody, my name is Dario and I am working as a Software Engineer at I was drawn to firstly by their area of work, the opportunity to work on complex projects in one of the most demanding industries in Germany and the world. I searched further on the internet and inquired with people who know people who work for, and got very positive feedback. The thing that sealed the deal, and my desire to work for was the job interview, and in more ways than just passing the interview. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the leaders of my team, who made the interview a most pleasant experience. By the end of the interview I had a feeling that I was among friends. Really, no joke. I was also pleasantly surprised that the interview included solving a couple of simple problems on the blackboard, which gave me the feeling that I can display my knowledge and abilities to a much greater extent than just running through my CV, and explaining what I did up to that point. The feedback was swift, and the offer came in a couple of days. On the first working day I had a delightful welcome from the team members, and after a short introduction we dived right into the challenges at hand. Now, after 4 months in the company, I can say I made the right choice. The team integration went smooth, and everyone did their best to help me and make me feel welcome. One of the things that pleasantly surprised me is the open door policy. In essence, this policy means that if someone’s office door is open (which it almost always is), you can go in and present your problem, and the person or persons in the office will try to help in any way possible or direct you to the person that can help you. There are some additional perks (free fruit, beverages and similar things), but this would be pointless without the main things. These include great, open, friendly, helpful and experienced colleagues, interesting and demanding projects in a fast paced industry, great management that knows how to time development steps in a way to get the most from the employees with the least possible amount of stress, while still meeting the customers needs, and of course the wonderful opportunity to learn and improve my own skills. Like the products that make which go through continuous development, the employees go through the same process and improve themselves, either through the development of the projects, interaction with colleagues or courses provided by the company. I would like to thank the Framework team for taking me under their wing and for accepting me as one of their own, and for providing such an interesting and challenging environment."


„Let me introduce myself. My name is Damir and I’m an GmbH employee. This means that is already part of my identity, although I came here in Ingolstadt less than a year ago. I remember well, it was December 12th around 3 AM, after 15 hours long journey with the bus – first time on German soil; Ingolstadt main bus station. I was at work the very same day, ready to be introduced to my new colleagues. Of course I was nervous, but turned out without reason – in Christmas spirit, as it’s time of a good deals, I had warm welcome– beyond my expectations. Still, I missed my family, especially my wife. Didn’t I tell You yet, I come from Serbia. Before I moved, I was leaving and working in Novi Sad, a beautiful city at Danube. After I finished my studies there, I’ve started to work at RT-RK, successful software company that was founded in synergy with our local technical university. My roots go northern, to my home town Bezdan. For me, this is without any doubt the most beautiful place on Earth. And guess what? It is also on Danube, as Novi Sad and now Ingolstadt. My faithful companion, the unbreakable path of my life, my always present remainder who am I and where am I going to – always up, against the river, choosing the most difficult ways. That is why I bought the one way ticket, strongly determined to stay, to make the first foundations of our new start. In parallel I needed to proof myself on the work, and to resolve all these matters outside of the work, first of all getting the resident permission and searching for a flat while expecting the arrival of my wife. Among equals, I own special gratitude to my fellow Anuj, who was my mentor these first months and even more. I also need to thanks my manager Thomas who believed in me and who gave me the chance to open a new chapter in my life. But above all I want to thanks to entire Media Team for accepting me as one of their own. Thanks guys!“


„At the moment I am working as a Software Engineer at About four years ago, I decided that it was the right time to gain some experience abroad and I applied for M. Sc - Informatics at the Technical University of Munich. I had found several destinations in Europe interesting but I opted for Germany, because from the beginning I was fascinated by the German culture. Despite the fact that I had no basic knowledge of German, I can now say that it was the right choice because of the international environment. In my last semester when I was searching for a job, I came across I had a look at their website and asked different people who were familiar with I got very positive feedback and I applied for a position at I have been working with for almost an year now. I am working on Online features for Audi's infotainment systems which I find very fascinating and I think those who have interest in Automotive and Java should definitely consider From my experience, work enviroment is very good and everybody is very friendly. Everybody tries to help you and solves your problem at highest priority. What provides great assistance is the open door policy. Open door policy means that if somebody's office door is open (which is open 99% of the time), you can go and discuss with them your problem and most probably you will get a solution for your problem right away. If you have problems in understanding something, your collegues will explain to you until you understand completely. In short I must admit that I made the best decision to join and thank all the people who guided me to join”


joinus@esolutions - we develop solutions. And do so with you. Learn how. Because we not only develop the future of infotainment, we also develop your career.

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Our areas of business

Software Development

Software Development
Across all functions of an infotainment system, our Software Development division develops embedded software in Java and C++. We use MySQL and PHP technologies for development and administration tasks in the server segment. Moreover, we develop applications for the fields of media, navigation, telephone, interactive voice response system, online and many other applications in the areas of Car & Van.

Our HMI is the interface between the driver and all other functions and features of the infotainment system (graphic modules, layout concepts, 3D assets, cross-functional systems concept). It is a particular challenge to offer the driver an intuitive interface and operating logic that satisfies all state-of-the-art design requirements while distracting the driver as little as possible from the traffic. Being an embedded system with restricted resources (RAM, CPU, GPU), the HMI has to fulfil strict requirements regarding reactivity, start-up time and resource consumption. In addition to that, stability and as few bugs as possible are absolutely necessary because the infotainment system with HMI cannot be updated as often as you would like to and is used in the car over many years. To meet the numerous requirements, we have developed a modern framework for the HMI that - despite Java - keeps memory consumption at a low level due to a consistent optimisation and adaptation to the requirements of the automotive industry.

System Applications
They are the basis for the respective application software, which controls all programs, files and processes in the system. The software connects both  internal and external hardware components and controls their usage. In addition, we have developed tools to measure, control and streamline the performance of our product, its reliability and correct operation over the whole lifetime of the car.


Along with this day-to-day business, we are increasingly involved in the pre-development of cutting-edge fields. This is why we are today's trendsetters for tomorrow's infotainment!


During integration all individual parts of the software are merged (up to ten different software configurations per day for the different car brands). It is also here where the releases are planned and measures coordinated with all internal software teams and external suppliers. Moreover, this area of business controls the distribution of the finished products to OEMs or Tier1 producers. Another part of integration is the development and maintenance of internal tools.

Service Departments

Controlling: At, Controlling has a cross-functional structure and operates across all sites. This department provides support for the commercial part of the project managers' project work and monitors performance using key ratios. It is responsible for the reporting within the company and within the group as well as for the reporting to external stakeholders. In addition, the definition and responsibility for many administrative tasks are part of the daily business.

In the Procurement department decisions regarding specific suppliers are made and it is monitored if certain cost targets are met. This includes cost reduction potential for both software (licences, royalties) and hardware (calculation on the basis of parts lists). In addition this department carries out strategic analyses of the global procurement markets. An important issue is to recognise and highlight opportunities and risks and to subsequently give recommendations. Procurement is also responsible for the cross-functional evaluation of innovative technologies from concept to production, for budget preparation, for supplier selection, for negotiating total project costs (NRE, tooling, part pricing) and for contract management.


Human Resources: HR acts as a central service department for all employees of the company. It is the employee who is the focus of the department's daily work. We care about all our employees' concerns in a committed, confident and non-bureaucratic way. It is also our aim to provide support and advice to our managers in their operative and strategic executive tasks.


In addition to the software integrated in the infotainment system we have an internal tool development that is responsible for topics like error compensation, diagnostic functions and test automation. As quality already begins during research and development, the current releases are tested with all employees responsible for their development on a weekly basis. To carry out automated software tests, we have also developed our own test framework. Software engineers write tests, both for our own software and for that of our suppliers, to create stress scenarios. The tests of all releases are carried out in different versions. This starts with a specific supply test and is followed by a release test during overall integration. Tests are carried out both in laboratory and in vehicles or prototypes to get results that are as realistic as possible. To create the necessary testing environment, we have our own vehicle fleet which, equipped with our devices, allows for daily testing. In this environment we employ engineers who carry out manual tests, repair devices and organise vehicles and alterations.

IT Administration

Successful product development at is ensured by the reliability, flexibility, performance and scalability of our IT systems. The internal IT department works closely together with the software engineers to create an optimum basis for software development. Every day the high level of dynamics and the complexity of software development are a new challenge for us and require dynamic as well as complex IT solutions. We develop these by using "Best of Breed" technologies and combining them systematically with our own developments We consistently pursue the usage of automated IT processes. In doing so, we reach a very high level of efficiency while maintaining service quality.