Porsche has always been driven by the dream of creating the perfect sports car. We make our contribution to this goal with our innovative software solutions for infotainment systems in all model series.

In September 2019, the company marked a new milestone in its history with the launch of the Porsche Taycan – the first fully electric sports car. The interior is characterized by its sporty, elegant design and a wealth of high-tech. Traditional controls in the form of knobs and switches have largely been dispensed with. Instead, operating the car’s many functions is mainly done via the central infotainment display and the additional touch display in the center console. Further simplification is provided by a voice control system that can be activated via the command “Hey Porsche”. Another highlight is an optional screen for the passenger, which means s/he can enjoy similar information without obstructing or distracting the driver. In terms of content, this screen is the same as the driver’s – the only difference is that driving modes cannot be set. This secondary display can only be used if the seat is occupied. (Discover more)