Compliance at

We are convinced that we can only be sustainably successful as a company if we all act in accordance with the rules and behave with integrity. Compliance is therefore a foundation for our success.

For, compliance means the following:

(1) Observance of human rights
(2) Compliance with legal, judicial, and regulatory requirements 
(3) Compliance with company guidelines
(4) Observance of ethical principles and self-imposed moral concepts

Compliance is the basis for sustainable business success and therefore an integral part of our corporate culture as well as the foundation of our actions and business relationships. Compliance is essential for integrity and reliability. This applies to, our business partners, and every single employee.

Compliance implementation

We are aware that violations of laws, rules, and regulations have consequences. This is another reason why we want to set a good example in this area. Compliance thrives on each individual and personal responsibility. Every individual is called upon

•    to familiarise themselves with the compliance requirements,
•    to regard compliance as a central element of behaviour,
•    to rethink their own behaviour with “common sense”,
•    to think “outside the box” and to subordinate personal interests as well as project and customer interests to compliance requirements, and
•    to report compliance violations or suspected compliance violations to

Our Chief Compliance Officer, Thomas Weber, supports us in implementing these points.

Compliance requirements at

Our company guidelines contain compliance requirements as a central document. The relevant principles of behaviour and regulations for our employees are contained in our Code of Conduct. 

We expect our business partners to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct. This summarises the expectations we have of suppliers in particular. As with the Code of Conduct for our employees, this includes, in particular, respect for human rights, compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. 

Reporting office in the event of knowledge or suspicion of compliance violations

In the event of knowledge or suspicion of compliance violations, we ask employees and business partners to report them to our internal reporting office if possible. Our internal reporting office processes the report in compliance with all necessary procedural principles (e.g., confidentiality, protection of the whistleblower) and endeavours to clarify and remedy the situation.

In addition to the internal reporting office, we use external lawyers (ombudspersons) as another possible point of contact. This ombudsperson's office also accepts reports of possible breaches of regulations and checks whether these are plausible and valid. It forwards its results to the internal reporting office together with a recommendation and without disclosing the whistleblower. Disclosure of the whistleblower will only take place with their consent in accordance with the statutory regulations.

All reports are treated confidentially in accordance with the legal regulations. It is ensured that whistleblowers do not suffer any disadvantages as a result of their report. We laid down the principles of the procedure for reports and complaints in the Rules of Procedure. Please also read our data privacy statement before submitting a report.

Reports should be sent to Alternatively, the report can also be sent to our ombudsperson's office, in which case please use the following address: 

Data breaches and data protection violations must be reported to

In addition, it is also possible to submit reports to an external reporting office of the competent federal authority. Information on this and contact details are available at: (in German).