Connectivity box supplies the central software components of the connectivity box.

The connectivity box is an independent control unit that provides vehicle occupants with access to Bluetooth, WLAN, emergency and breakdown calls as well as telephony.

Infotainment system

One of the main user systems within the box is the infotainment system, which also includes numerous components developed by In addition to VoLTE (voice over LTE) for high-quality voice telephony, the connectivity box features a WLAN hotspot to take advantage of the data rates of modern LTE-enabled networks –5G is already in development.

Vehicle services

Alongside the infotainment system, other vehicle services also use the connectivity box. Whether providing uncomplicated assistance in the event of a breakdown or remotely monitoring the charge level, the connectivity box is the vehicle’s path to the cloud. The ultimate goal is “accessibility with the lowest possible power consumption”, so that even after a long holiday, the vehicle is instantly ready for use again.

Emergency call function

In the event of an emergency (accident or medical), the connectivity box automatically or manually calls a help center and establishes a voice and data connection. The emergency call function is offered worldwide and is even legally required and certified in Europe and Russia.