Cycle to eso

At the beginning of 2020, we launched the "Cycle to eso" program. The aim was to save CO2 by cycling, which we donate to as

Even though many of our colleagues spent most of 2020 in the home office due to Corona: In Ingolstadt and Erlangen, a total of 28,000 km were cycled on the way to work from February to December. This corresponds to a whole 4,000 kg of CO2 saved! To illustrate: with this amount of gas, you could fill a little more than 800,000 standard balloons ;)

This is quite an achievement! We are delighted that our colleagues are so actively involved in protecting the environment. Due to the Corona restrictions, we have decided to combine the CO2 saved from 2020 and 2021 at the beginning of next year in order to achieve a larger donation sum!

Maybe one or the other motivated cyclist decides to take advantage of our bike leasing from Jobrad and to support the campaign? Of course, everyone who has a bicycle can take part.

Published on 22.01.2021