New Alexa Auto v3.0 with Alexa Auto Client Service

In October, the new Alexa Auto v3.0 was launched with the Alexa Auto Client Service (AACS). The AACS simplifies the integration of the "Software Development Kit" (SDK). The required lines of code have been reduced by more than 50% compared to the previous version. Decoupling the SDK and Alexa IVI application allows automotive companies to separate development and deployment. This allows individual teams to pursue parallel integration paths, significantly reducing time-to-market. This also simplifies the over-the-air process as updates become easier as well as more consistent. At the same time, the impact on Alexa implementation is minimized. The time contributed by developers to perform upgrades and maintenance on their Alexa implementation is also reduced by the AACS. Amazon takes care of the service layer, ensuring future compatibility as well.

Overall, the AACS offers a number of benefits as a result. It allows automotive developers to focus on creating unique brand experiences instead of spending time on non-differentiating development and maintenance tasks.

More Informationen can be found here.

Published on 11.12.2020