Our results in the event "Stadtradeln"

Last week was the last day of the "Stadtradeln" campaign in and around Erlangen. From 22.06. to 12.07.21 participants of our company cycled actively. Our teams cycled a total of 4,856 km and thus saved 714 kg of CO2 in just three weeks. With our result, we took second place among the participating companies and 18th place in the overall standings out of more than 150 participating teams. We are pleased to have been among the 535,203 participants nationwide and are proud of the performance of our employees!
Hopefully this great campaign will take place again next year and maybe we will find a few more cyclists to save even more CO2. Our company-internal campaign "Mit dem Rad zur eso" will of course continue throughout the year!

Published on 23.07.2021