Presentation of the Porsche Taycan

In September Porsche presented the Taycan, their first all-electric sports car. Not only on the outside Porsche takes a big step into the future here, the interior also shows new design and a lot of high-tech! Control buttons are now only found for the window regulator, hazard warning lights and on the steering wheel. 

All other functions are controlled by touch functions on the screens. All user interfaces of the Taycan have been completely redesigned. The centrally located 10.9 inch infotainment display is divided into three main areas. One is the home screen with the usual applications such as music or telephone. The other is an area for assistance systems and chassis settings and the third area is for messages from the on-board computer or a linked smartphone. The screen reacts quickly and the wiping movements are implemented smoothly.

The second touch display in the center console is used to control the air conditioning system. The air flow of the individual nozzles can be controlled virtually and electric flaps in the dashboard direct the air to the right place.

A further highlight is an optional screen for the front passenger, so you won't get in the way while driving. In terms of content, this corresponds to that of the driver, only driving modes cannot be set. This display can only be used if the seat is occupied.

In order to make the operation as easy as possible for the driver, there is also a voice control which can be activated by the command "Hey Porsche". Pressing a so-called push-to-talk button is thus no longer necessary. Apps such as Apple Music can be started without distraction or the temperature of the air conditioning system can be reset.

Once again has developed the infotainment software and combines the individual parts into an innovative infotainment system for the best possible driving experience. Thanks to all employees for your tireless efforts and another successfully completed project in a truly visionary vehicle!

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Published on 18.10.2019