Sustainable handling of used IT is important to us!

193 decommissioned IT devices make their contribution to environmental protection and inclusion in 2018! The "AfB gemeinnützige GmbH" awarded a certificate to at the beginning of July for the joint social-ecological work in the past year. The certificate shows' concrete contribution to environmental protection and inclusion through its handling of used IT hardware.

The partnership between and AfB saved 9,389 kg of iron equivalents, 11,965 kg of CO2 equivalents and 32,225 kWh of energy. The latter corresponds to the average annual electricity consumption of 13 two-person households. In 2018, again cooperated with Europe's largest non-profit IT company by donating used IT equipment such as notebooks, PCs, monitors and office mobile phones to AfB for data deletion, processing and resale.

By returning the equipment to the economic cycle, electronic waste is avoided and natural resources are conserved. In addition, the disposal of the equipment has made it possible to create a workplace for a disabled person. The AfB (work for people with disabilities) is an inclusive company. Currently, the IT company employs over 380 employees at 20 locations throughout Europe, about 47% of them with disabilities. The partnership with brings the inclusion company one step closer to its vision of creating 500 jobs for people with disabilities in the long term.

Last year, handed over 193 IT devices, mainly PCs, notebooks and flat screens, to AfB. The decommissioned hardware was for the most part still fully functional: 95% of the hardware handed over could be re-marketed. In the case of the notebooks, the reuse rate even corresponded to 100%. Defective devices were dismantled and sent to certified recycling companies.

We are proud to be able to make a social-ecological contribution in this way and look forward to a continued successful cooperation!

Published on 16.08.2019