Turbostart into the future.

As an IT specialist (m/w/d) for application development or IT specialist (m/w/d) for system integration join us in laying the foundation for your career at e.solutions. In addition to an insight into all our company divisions, you will learn about the latest technologies for the development of innovative infotainment systems and gain an insight into the planning and configuration of IT-systems.

We develop your talents! Get off to a good start and bring forward-looking ideas and exciting projects to the goal with us.

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From September 2019 we train for the first time! This will give young people the opportunity to contribute their know-how at an early stage and actively shape the innovations of tomorrow!

Our training contents are varied!

Dive as IT specialist (m/f/d) for application development into the different programming languages and get to know the corresponding application areas. From the acquisition of the manifold requirements of our customers, over the software development up to the software test, you will get the necessary tools for your start into professional life. In addition, we show you which methods are used to successfully manage our projects.

As an IT specialist (m/f/d) for system integration, learn how to handle operating systems safely and how to administer and expand our infrastructure. We will show you how to analyze and solve our fault reports and provide you with the necessary know-how for planning, installing and analyzing IT-systems and networks. You will also get an insight into the different scripting and programming languages.

Targeted training courses help you to develop your soft skills in addition to the practical content.

During the practical training, our competent trainers will provide you with advice and practical support and optimally prepare you for your further career path within e.solutions. In addition to exciting tasks and state-of-the-art technologies, you will also receive above-average training pay.
The practical training in the company is supported and supplemented in the dual system by the vocational school.


e.solutions develops solutions. Gladly together with you. Because we move not only the future of infotainment, but also yours.

Apply until 26.04.2019 for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist (m/f/d) for system integration with training starting in September 2019!

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From September 2019, you will find all the information you need to start training as an IT specialist in application development (m/f/d) in 2020!

Your contact

Sarah Hoffmann and Julia Steinecke

Phone +49 8458 3332-5496
E-Mail joinus@esolutions.de

Our areas of business

Software Development

Software Development
Across all functions of an infotainment system, our Software Development division develops embedded software in Java and C++. We use MySQL and PHP technologies for development and administration tasks in the server segment. Moreover, we develop applications for the fields of media, navigation, telephone, interactive voice response system, online and many other applications in the areas of Car & Van.

Our HMI is the interface between the driver and all other functions and features of the infotainment system (graphic modules, layout concepts, 3D assets, cross-functional systems concept). It is a particular challenge to offer the driver an intuitive interface and operating logic that satisfies all state-of-the-art design requirements while distracting the driver as little as possible from the traffic. Being an embedded system with restricted resources (RAM, CPU, GPU), the HMI has to fulfil strict requirements regarding reactivity, start-up time and resource consumption. In addition to that, stability and as few bugs as possible are absolutely necessary because the infotainment system with HMI cannot be updated as often as you would like to and is used in the car over many years. To meet the numerous requirements, we have developed a modern framework for the HMI that - despite Java - keeps memory consumption at a low level due to a consistent optimisation and adaptation to the requirements of the automotive industry.

System Applications
They are the basis for the respective application software, which controls all programs, files and processes in the system. The software connects both  internal and external hardware components and controls their usage. In addition, we have developed tools to measure, control and streamline the performance of our product, its reliability and correct operation over the whole lifetime of the car.


Along with this day-to-day business, we are increasingly involved in the pre-development of cutting-edge fields. This is why we are today's trendsetters for tomorrow's infotainment!


During integration all individual parts of the software are merged (up to ten different software configurations per day for the different car brands). It is also here where the releases are planned and measures coordinated with all internal software teams and external suppliers. Moreover, this area of business controls the distribution of the finished e.solutions products to OEMs or Tier1 producers. Another part of integration is the development and maintenance of internal tools.

Service Departments

Controlling: At e.solutions, Controlling has a cross-functional structure and operates across all sites. This department provides support for the commercial part of the project managers' project work and monitors performance using key ratios. It is responsible for the reporting within the company and within the group as well as for the reporting to external stakeholders. In addition, the definition and responsibility for many administrative tasks are part of the daily business.

In the Procurement department decisions regarding specific suppliers are made and it is monitored if certain cost targets are met. This includes cost reduction potential for both software (licences, royalties) and hardware (calculation on the basis of parts lists). In addition this department carries out strategic analyses of the global procurement markets. An important issue is to recognise and highlight opportunities and risks and to subsequently give recommendations. Procurement is also responsible for the cross-functional evaluation of innovative technologies from concept to production, for budget preparation, for supplier selection, for negotiating total project costs (NRE, tooling, part pricing) and for contract management.


Human Resources: HR acts as a central service department for all employees of the company. It is the employee who is the focus of the department's daily work. We care about all our employees' concerns in a committed, confident and non-bureaucratic way. It is also our aim to provide support and advice to our managers in their operative and strategic executive tasks.


In addition to the software integrated in the infotainment system we have an internal tool development that is responsible for topics like error compensation, diagnostic functions and test automation. As quality already begins during research and development, the current releases are tested with all employees responsible for their development on a weekly basis. To carry out automated software tests, we have also developed our own test framework. Software engineers write tests, both for our own software and for that of our suppliers, to create stress scenarios. The tests of all releases are carried out in different versions. This starts with a specific supply test and is followed by a release test during overall integration. Tests are carried out both in laboratory and in vehicles or prototypes to get results that are as realistic as possible. To create the necessary testing environment, we have our own vehicle fleet which, equipped with our devices, allows for daily testing. In this environment we employ engineers who carry out manual tests, repair devices and organise vehicles and alterations.

IT Administration

Successful product development at e.solutions is ensured by the reliability, flexibility, performance and scalability of our IT systems. The internal IT department works closely together with the software engineers to create an optimum basis for software development. Every day the high level of dynamics and the complexity of software development are a new challenge for us and require dynamic as well as complex IT solutions. We develop these by using "Best of Breed" technologies and combining them systematically with our own developments We consistently pursue the usage of automated IT processes. In doing so, we reach a very high level of efficiency while maintaining service quality.