Creating exceptional solutions with an exceptional team.

If you want to make consumer electronics come alive even in vehicles, we are constantly faced with the new challenges of automotive infotainment. Short innovation cycles of devices like smartphones or MP3 players require us to be always up-to-date. There are also many new functions that did not exist a few years ago but are now part of everyday life, e.g. voice control, text-to-speech, topographical navigation or Bluetooth A2DP.

To always be ahead of this development, our more than 500 members of staff develop central components for smart information and entertainment devices. We create frameworks, applications and graphical user interfaces and bring them together with the modules of global suppliers. In doing so, our name is associated with maximum connectivity, pioneering online functions, an unrivalled multimedia experience and attractive, ergonomic user interfaces.

We are convinced that cloud data and cloud services will be a fundamental change of our automotive experience and the use of our vehicle. At people from as many as 38 countries live this conviction. Working in teams, they strive to shape the technologies of tomorrow today. To drive this growth, we are looking for new colleagues. If our passion for outstanding infotainment solutions has inspired you, we look forward to your application.