Successful boomtown with flair.

Having been a former Bavarian duke residence, there are various historical sights in Ingolstadt, like the Asam Church Maria de Victoria, a jewel of baroque architecture. In 1516 the German Purity Law for beer was established and pronounced in Ingolstadt. A milestone that has been a global seal of quality for beer ever since. From a culinary point of view the city has always been a symbol for quality. Even kings and dukes used to wine and dine here. And today it offers gourmets everything the heart could wish for: from the best Bavarian cuisine with traditional beer garden culture to speciality restaurants with international cuisine to trendy bars and student pubs.

Glacispark and Klenzepark, the extensive "Danube-Auen" and a range of lakes for bathing with excellent water quality are a synonym for the sound and rich nature in and around Ingolstadt. North of Ingolstadt you find the romantic Altmühltal nature park, the centre is dominated by the proud Danube and south of the city there is the fertile Hallertau, the largest single hop-growing region in the world. Just outside the city walls well-developed cycling lanes lead in all directions. These include among others the Danube Cycle Route or the Via Raetica that leads along the historically important Roman road.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Ingolstadt a "boomtown". It is one of the leading sites for research, education and business in Bavaria. There is almost full employment and the economic development has been growing by leaps and bounds for years. Audi AG is the region's biggest employer and also its economic engine. However, numerous automotive suppliers and engineering firms, a strong SME sector and thriving skilled trades do their fundamental bit. But the city wants even more: This is where you will find most of the start-up activities in Germany. The economic development in so-called „IngolStadtLandPlus“ is way above the Bavarian average.

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Highlights for your leisure time

  • Nearby recreational area and sights in the Altmühltal nature reserve, the holiday region Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, the Hopfenland Hallertau (Hallertau Hop Region), the Franconian Lakes and the Romantic Franconia
  • Having fun with e-bikes and an extensive network of special tours, charging stations, possibilities to rent a bike or to get it repaired
  • Aquatic Centre Donautherme with water play, wellness and beauty spa, spacious sauna area as well as food service and catering spread over more than 14,000 m2
  • German Alpine Association (DAV) climbing site with a climbing area of approx. 850 m2, a total of 100 climbing tours from III to X+ difficulty levels and approx. 250 m2 of boulder wall area
  • Music and culture including Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt, Open Flair Music Festival, After Work Jazz Lounge in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt and the Ingolstadt Jazz Days
  • Outlet shopping adventure in Ingolstadt Village
  • Eleven museums like Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum (German Museum of Medical History) in the Alte Anatomie (Old Anatomy), Museum für Konkrete Kunst (Museum of Concrete Art) in Donaukaserne (Danube Barracks), Audi Forum, Toys Museum in Kavalier Hepp or the  Astronomiepark Ingolstadt (Astronomy Park Ingolstadt)