Behind the scenes

No idea what's the secret behind target, speech dialog system, product validation, infotainment integration & co? Take a look behind the scenes of together with Martina, Daniel, Martin and Christian.

Now's your chance looking over their shoulders and gain insights in their daily work. Find out which fascinating work opportunities and exciting development possibilities our work offers you.

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Martina // Speech


Customers owe the HMI team the intuitive interface and control logic making our products unique. The HMI establishs the interface between the driver and the functions of the infotainment system.  Interaction could be done by haptic or speech. The HMI has not only to meet even high design requirements but should distract the driver as little as possible in public traffic. The team creates graphical user interfaces, defines screen layouts, operating procedures, model notifications and language dialogs. They are in close contact with the customers from specification discussions up to the release for production.

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Daniel // Integration

System Integration

In our integration software packages are assembled to final customized configurations for the different VW Group brands. To master the large number of deliveries the colleagues develop their own scripts and tools to the extent possible automation of the integration processes. The team is constantly in touch with internal development teams and the software suppliers to ensure the best possible integration of the software components. Furthermore they manage the delivery of the final products to the OEMs or Tier1 manufacturers. Besides the configurations for the production the team compiles individual test stations for steady test drives.

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Martin // Online Services


Also team online meets several challenges. Alongside its core business “online services” (client and server) the software experts develop further applications such as address book libraries, internet browser or the intelligent search function. This diversified portfolio requires the use of various technologies (Java, C++, PHP). Always having a finger on the pulse of the time is particularly important to provide our customers new appealing functions with every new automobile generation. To ensure continuously high quality the colleagues rely on a perfect matched continuous integration environment, allowing automated builds and tests at any time.

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Christian // 3D Grafics


The colleagues in the field Cluster are responsible for developing software for the graphics of the Virtual Cockpit. They create the Graphical User Interface, develop an application for processing the data, build widgets  to drive a graphic board and model the screens. Furthermore they define when and which screen with which parameters is connected by using a state-machine. Our 3D Technical Artists realize innovative real time critical 3D-elements for the infotainment user interfaces and visualise complete 3D-car models. Besides of creating the 3-D graphic products they are responsible for the technical realization.

vacancies software development